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Why hire a virtual assistant

 No training required!

 The benefits of outsourcing to a qualified  virtual assistant are abundant and  profitable

* Save on overhead expenses

* Flexibility of tasks and time

* Focus on your business goals

Hiring a virtual assistant to support you with the daily operations will allow you the time to focus on advancing your company objectives and company goals.

You can focus on what is important!



        Member of CAVA

Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants

  Virtual support for both small &      established businesses, independent consultants, entrepreneurs, executives, speakers, coaches and more


Calendar management, prepare & distribute agendas, schedule & book meeting space, travel planning and booking, edit, proof-read and format documents, create presentations, audio transcription and more ...



Establish your web presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more ...


Generate client prospect list

Internet and market research

Track project workflow

Track project budgets

Invoice and follow-up on client payments

and much more ...